Abound In Hope

Romans 15:13

‘Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’

The Milk

Abound, large numbers or generous amounts.  A large amount of hope by the power of the Holy Spirit is basically what verse 13 is telling us.  It is hard for us to have a small amount of hope let alone a large amount.  So how do we get there?  Smallest amount to largest.  First, realize that God is watching over you.  Isaiah 41:10, ‘fear not, for I am with you.’  God will never leave us. Sometimes it feels like it but He doesn’t ever leave.  People leave but God does not.  Psalms 32:8 tells us that He guides us with His eye.

The Meat

Remember when your children were little and you took them to the park.  They wanted to do everything on their own.  Reluctantly, we let them climb to the top of the slide unattended or swing from the tallest part of the monkey bars.  Even though they thought they were on their own, we sat and watched them, ready to run towards them in troubled times to pick up the pieces.  We waited for them to scream out our names.  We carefully guided their steps even though they may have been unaware of our actions.  We would eliminate obstacles before they got there, filled a hole, killed a bee or wiped water from a slick step to prevent injury.  Even though they were on their own, we carefully watched and never left them.  We see them tackle things that we knew all along they could do, we seen them share a piece of candy with a stranger, we seen them include an ‘outcast’ in the game, we seen them encourage a shy, timid child to the top rung.  In those moments, we realized that the lessons that we had been teaching them we finally sinking in.  Not only did they have hope and faith in themselves but also in others.

The Honey

God was working in their lives even though they were completely oblivious to that fact.  Sometimes, no matter what they did, there was someone that they couldn’t get along with.  Another child said hurtful things.  Psalm 147, He heals the brokenhearted.  He wants to heal us but we should ask for healing in faith. Emotional energy used on past hurts only damages our present and our future.   We must release those who hurt and let go of the right to get even.  If you get pushed off the swing, dust yourself off and swing higher to the sky than before the fall.  God is watching with His careful eye and vengeance is His.