Church is a No-Go

Church is a No-Go
Church is a No-Go

Reasons I may never go to church again

1. The church is just a building. I do not go to church to worship a building. The church is supposed to be the people. Be the church. Once you are saved, you are a member of God’s church. You are that church inside or outside the church building. Many churches do not walk through the doors of a church building on Sunday morning.
2. The church does not meet my needs and/or hurt me. I hate to break it to you, we do not live in a perfect world. The church building is ran by imperfect people and there are imperfect people who attend. Each and every person has an opinion on how things should operate, right down to the color of the pencils at your guest table. Many people have a perception that the church is perfect and perfect people attend. You will get hurt. You will not get all your needs met at a church. The reason? A perfect church does not exist. It never has and it never will.
3. The family structure has changed, and the church hasn’t. This one can be tricky. The Bible states one man and one woman. Children are born to that one man and one woman. A perfect family. The problem is that this family unit very seldom exists anymore. Families are blended. She has a child, he has two and they are both divorced. I believe in what the Bible says for our instruction for our families, but the unit looks different. I don’t mean that the church needs to change the rules, but I believe that the church needs to adapt and accept people where they are.
4. God is missing. We sing a few songs, shake hands with our neighbor, hear a message and then leave. Many times, I’ve left church, got to my car and thought, wait a minute, did I hear from God? Where was God in all that? His spirit wasn’t there. I did not feel His presence. God wants to show up. He wants to bless us. The structure of the service sometimes gets in the way of His presence. What if we threw out the set list and tore up the sermon notes and just done what God wanted? I guarantee it would be a different service and you would feel God’s spirit dwelling.
5. I’m going to church not a singles club. Although its good to meet a fellow believer and build a life that God wants for you, I’m not interested in being chased in church. Don’t follow me around or join a class just because I’m there. Don’t join the choir because I’m there. Just don’t.
6. My God is not a genie in a bottle. God wants us to have a prosperous life. He desires for us to be happy. He does not want us to live a defeated life and He does not want us to use Him for our gain. He is a sovereign God who guides our path and does not respond to ‘I wish’ statements.
7. Fake people. Church in the morning, bar at night. Worship in the morning, cussing in the parking lot. Do you know people like this? You cannot talk out of both side of your mouth. You do not get to pick and choose when you will be Christ-like. Christ wants all moments of your days not just the ones that you want to give Him.
8. It’s a show. There isn’t popcorn. Or coffee. Or stadium seating. The only thing missing is the guy walking around selling foam fingers or souvenir t-shirts. Church is not entertainment, it’s not meant to be. It doesn’t mean that you cannot laugh and have fun but rather focus your attention of why you are there. Learn, grow and fellowship. Its not a pizza party with 500 of your closest friends nor is it a concert where you use the lighter app on your phone. Its supposed to be pure, unadulterated worship and reflection time with lessons that are life-changing.
9. Scarlet letters. We all have sin in our lives. We have all done things that go against what God’s word teaches. The rumor mill church will make sure that all members know what is going on with you and place the appropriate letters on your chest for all to see. There is no forgiveness, compassion or hope for you, just condemnation. We should all get shirts with the entire alphabet listed on them. I’m no better than you and you are no better than me. We are all equal and searching for the same thing.
10. We count people because people count. No, we don’t. The church counts people because numbers are important to them, not people.
11. What if? What if we prayed rather than giving tips on prayer? What if we gathered around the table expecting Christ to be present rather than adding more screens to keep people engaged? Or if we practiced authentic fellowship, including accountability and discipline, rather than a two-minute greeting? What if preachers turned to Scripture rather than TED Talks to find fresh material?

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