424 Days

Scrolling through social media apps, what do you see?  Pictures, always pictures.  Pictures of the family, dog, scenery, parents, siblings, work, co-workers, the list goes on.  All those pictures show the best of the best, but things aren’t always as they appear.  If you look closely at the above picture, you see what appears to be a mother and daughter.  A happy and healthy family is what you see. Let me explain what I see.  I see an aunt who took it upon herself to protect her niece when her mother couldn’t.  I see a niece that loves her aunt as a mother.  I see a grieving sister.  I see a growing child who was robbed of the opportunity to know her mom due to the selfishness of others.  I see my daughter displaying the ultimate love for her sister by raising her child.

My girls fought.  When it was good, it was good.  When it was bad, it was bad.  They were each other’s biggest cheerleader but worst enemies.  I’m grateful that they resolved their differences two days before the accident.  I’m grateful that they had one another and I’m grateful that my granddaughter has her aunt.

Families are not always blood and they don’t have to be.  Families fight for each other, love unapologetically and stand up for one another.  Every family has a weird person.  If you don’t know who that is, it’s probably you.  But….it’s ok.  You’re ok.  Maybe you have an aunt that is now your mom.  Maybe grandma is your mom.  And maybe, like me, your cousin is your mom.  We must love people where they are and no matter what the situation is.

My oldest daughter was pushed.  She was pushed by her sister-in-law.  Pushed into driving fast.  Pushed into losing control of her car.  Pushed into an accident.  Those same people made a mockery of her death and funeral.  Her sister and I were subjected to many episodes of bullying behavior.  We were told that we should have died.  We didn’t love her.  She died hating you.  We had no right being at the funeral.  Every tear that you cried was fake, I was told.  You are evil, I was told.  You will never see your granddaughter again, I was told.  BUT GOD…(vengeance does belong to God).  He knew exactly what He was doing.  In 424 days, I have realized His purpose and His plan to take my daughter.  I’ve never been mad at God even though I have every right to be.  His plan was for my granddaughter to be rescued and He used her aunt to make it happen.  I miss my daughter incredibly.  424 days later, I still see Him working and I will see my daughter again.